The World According to Clarkson

The World According to Clarkson - Jeremy Clarkson

An entertaining and easy read.

The World According to Clarkson is a selection of articles by Jeremy Clarkson, most of which aren't longer than 3,5 pages and it's topics vary from personal anecdotes, to opinion pieces about everything from world politics to food, child care, and of course engineering. It's a fast and thoroughly entertaining read, that even though it's not up there with the works of Aristotle in terms of depth (neither does it aim to be) I occasionally found myself thinking more deeply about the various problems mentioned.


I also found the writing style enjoyable but that may not be the case for most, but I'm quite sure it will be enjoyed by those who read mostly British authors.


So all in all a worthwhile read, even if you are not a fan of Top Gear because it talks about cars as much as you might find yourself discussing the latest developments in biology. I enjoyed it and will definitely check out other works by Clarkson.